History of Awards Granted by the University

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Recipients of Honorary Degrees
Recipients of The Ignatian Medal
Recipients of The Rev. Clifford M. Lewis, S.J. Award
Recipients of The Distinguished Alumni Award
Recipients of The James O’Brien, S.J. Alumni Award
Recipients of The Alumni Magis Award
Recipients of The Hall of Honor Award
Swint/Woomer Medal Recipients
Katherine Fouts Service Award
Recipients of The Rev. Frank R. Haig, S.J. Award
Recipients of The St. Francis Xavier Award


Date Recipient
June 7, 1959 Most Reverend John J. Swint
Bishop of Wheeling Diocese; Founder of College
June 5, 1960 Raymond E. Salvati, Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
President of Island Creek Coal Company
  Reverend Lawrence R. McHugh, S.J., Doctor of Laws (LL.D)
First President of Wheeling College
May 19, 1963 Most Reverend Joseph H. Hodges, D.C., Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston Diocese
May 17, 1964 Very Reverend Edward B. Bunn, S.J., Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
Ordinary of the Diocese of Wheeling; Educator; Chancellor of Georgetown University
May 22, 1966 The Honorable Bela Fabian, Doctor of Letters (Litt.D.)
Patriot of Hungary; Writer
Oct. 19, 1966 Dr. Jaroslav Pelikan, Doctor of Letters (Litt.D.)
Educator; Author (Speaker, Inauguration of Fr. Frank R. Haig, S.J.)
May 17, 1969 Walter Philip Reuther, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Founder of United Auto Workers Union; Wheeling Native
May 16, 1970 Reverend Walter J. Burghardt, S.J., Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
Theologian; Cultural Leader; Author; Editor, Theological Studies
May 17, 1971 Lawrence Francis O'Brien, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Democratic National Chairman; Former Postmaster General of the United States
May 13, 1972 William Warfield Holloway, Jr., Doctor of Letters (Litt.D.)
  Henry Gundling Jepson, Doctor of Letters (Litt.D.)
  Wilbur Stone Jones, Doctor of Letters (Litt.D.)
Wheeling Area Distinguished Citizens and Businessmen
Apr. 29, 1973 Governor Arch A. Moore, Jr., Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
Governor of West Virginia (Speaker, Inauguration of Fr. Charles L. Currie, S.J.)
May 19, 1973 Mr. Sam L. Good, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Wheeling Area Distinguished Citizen and Businessman
Sept. 19, 1973 Eleanor Davenport Caldwell, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Founder of Wheeling Symphony
  Margaret Louise Holloway, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Contributed to Education (Fall Academic Convocation)
May 18, 1974 Dr. William James McGill, Doctor of Letters (Litt.D.)
President of Columbia University in the City of New York
  Mrs. Katherine Smith McCready, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Registrar of Wheeling Jesuit College
  Mr. Anthony John Francis O'Reilly, Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
Chief Executive Officer of the H. J. Heinz Company
Sept. 26, 1974 Reverend Clifford Merle Lewis, S.J., Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
One of the Jesuit Founders of Wheeling College (Fall Academic Convocation)
May 17, 1975 Dr. Andre E. Hellegers, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Physician; Director of the Kennedy Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction and Bioethics
  Mr. Robert E. Lauterbach, Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
Chief Executive Officer of Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel
  Ms. Marie Torre, Doctor of Letters (Litt.D.)
Distinguished Journalist, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
May 15, 1976 Mr. Colman McCarthy, Doctor of Letters (Litt.D.)
Distinguished Journalist, Washington Post
  Senator Jennings Randolph, Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
Senior Senator of West Virginia; Member of the Board of the Benedum Foundation
  Reverend Richard A. McCormick, S.J. Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Writer; Educator; Professor of Christian Ethics, Georgetown University
May 14, 1977 Dr. Earl James McGrath, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
United States Commissioner of Education; Educator; Author 
Nov. 2, 1977 Senator Eugene J. McCarthy, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
United States Senator from Minnesota  (Fall Academic Convocation)
May 20, 1978 Eunice Mary Kennedy Shriver, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Benefactor and Sister of President John Kennedy
  Robert Sargeant Shriver, Jr., Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
First Director of the Peace Corps
  Dr. Ernest Leroy Boyer, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
United States Commissioner of Education
May 12, 1979 Senator Robert Carlyle Byrd, Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
United States Senator from West Virginia and Friend of the College
  Courtney Burton, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Oglebay Descendant; Area Philanthropist
Jan. 24, 1980 Charles Kuralt, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
CBS Program Host; Distinguished Journalist
Feb. 11, 1980 John D. Rockefeller IV, Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
Governor of West Virginia (Later United States Senator)
May 17, 1980 Dr. Estelle Ramey, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Professor, Georgetown School of Medicine; Feminist
Oct. 22, 1980 John Francis Noonan, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Wheeling College Alumnus; President of Bloomfield College, New Jersey
  Dr. Jamie A. Vance, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Dentist; Confidante of Senator Jennings Randolph
May 16, 1981 Myles Horton, Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
Founder of the Highlander Research and Education Center in Tennessee
  Bernard Patrick McDonough, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
West Virginia Entrepreneur and Benefactor of Wheeling Jesuit College
  Fr. Peter Joseph Henriot, S.J., Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
Director of the Center of Concern; Author
  Dr. Forrest H. Kirkpatrick, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Distinguished West Virginia Businessman; Educator; Member of the Board of Directors
May 15, 1982 Rosemary M. Front, Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
Executive Director, Wheeling Society for Crippled Children
  Ambassador Romuald Spasowski, Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
Ambassador of Poland to Washington
  John Thompson, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Basketball Coach, Georgetown University
Oct. 9, 1982 Loret Miller Ruppe, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Director of the United States Peace Corps (Fall Academic Convocation)
May 14, 1983 Richard David Dudley, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Owner, Forward Communications (WTRF-TV)
  John Lawrence Seigenthaler, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Editor of USA Today; Distinguished Journalist
May 12, 1984 Charles Harting Percy, Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
United States Senator from Illinois
  Sharon Rockefeller, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
First Lady of West Virginia; Daughter of Senator Percy
Nov. 3, 1984 John Francis Cardinal Dearden, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Archbishop of Detroit
  John Joseph Cardinal Krol, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Archbishop of Philadelphia
  Most Reverend James William Malone, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Bishop of Youngstown (Fall Academic Convocation)
May 11, 1985 Philip Crosby, Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Crosby Associates; Author; Lecturer
  Charley Pride, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Country-Western Singer; Benefactor of the College
  Dr. Jonathan D. Spence, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Author; Professor at Yale University 
May 17, 1986 Most Reverend Francis Bible Schulte, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston Diocese
May 16, 1987 B. R. Brown, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
President and Chief Executive Officer of Consolidated Coal Company
August 21, 1987 Alma Grace McDonough, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Philanthropist and the major benefactor to Wheeling Jesuit College
May 14, 1988 Joseph E. Antonini, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
President and Chief Executive Officer of K mart Corporation
May 12, 1989 Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
President Emeritus of Notre Dame University
  Dr. Elie Wiesel, Doctor of Letters (Litt.D.)
Distinguished Author; Humanitarian; Survivor of the Holocaust
Sept 30, 1989 The Honorable Alan B. Mollohan, Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
Congressman from West Virginia (Fall Academic Convocation)
Oct. 5, 1989 Archbishop Casimir Gnanadickam, S.J., Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Archbishop of Madras-Mylapore, India
April 6, 1990 Ambassador Mohan Man Sainju, Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
Ambassador from Nepal to the United States (Spring Academic Convocation)
May 12, 1990 Reverend John W. O'Malley, S.J., Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Native Ohio Valley Jesuit; Author; Historian
  Most Reverend Bernard W. Schmitt, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston Diocese
  Ruth Donnelly Egler, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Distinguished Philanthropist; Former Member of Wheeling Jesuit College Board of Directors
Sept. 29, 1990 Most Reverend Alfred J. Jolson, S.J., Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Bishop of Reykjavik, Iceland; Former Member of the Faculty of Wheeling Jesuit College
(Fall Academic Convocation)
May 12, 1991 The Most Reverend Agostino Cacciavillan, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Vatican Apostolic Pro-Nuncio to the United States
  Dr. Alfred M. Rotondaro, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Executive Director of the National Italian American Foundation
  Anthony F. Cafaro, Doctor of Laws, (LL.D.)
President and Chief Executive Officer of the Cafaro Company
April 3, 1992 Mary Riccobene, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Philanthropist; Daughter of Alma Grace McDonough
May 9, 1992 Richard F. Celeste, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Former Governor of Ohio; Former Peace Corps Director
Sept. 26, 1992 Edward B. Fiske, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Author; Former Education Editor of The New York Times (Fall Academic Convocation)
April 2, 1993 The Most Reverend Bishop Gilbert I. Sheldon, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Bishop of Diocese of Steubenville (Spring Academic Convocation)
May 15, 1993 Reverend W. Norris Clarke, S.J., Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Professor of Philosophy
May 14, 1994 Norman R. Augustine, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Martin Marietta Corporation
May 12, 1995 Bishop Walter F. Sullivan, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Bishop of Richmond, Virginia Awarded at Baccalaureate
May 13, 1995 Elizabeth C. Mooney, for Family, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Wife of James Mooney; mother of 14 children
May 11, 1996 Daniel S. Goldin, Doctor of Science (D.Sc.)
Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
May 10, 1997 Haynes Johnson, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Pulitzer Prize Winner - 1966
  Dr. Sophia Peterson, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Professor of Political Science (Retired), Director of Faculty and Course Development
in International Studies (FACDIS), West Virginia University
March 13, 1998 James T. Wakley, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
President, Bernard McDonough Foundation, Inc. (Spring Academic Convocation)
May 9, 1998 Henry and Beverly Hawk, for Family, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
  The Honorable Robert S. Kiss, Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)
Speaker of the West Virginia House of Delegates
May 8, 1999 Mr. Fred J. Kleisner, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
President and Chief Operating Officer The Americas Hotel Group, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
  Mr. Ted J. Kleisner, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
President and Managing Director, The Greenbrier President, Greenbrier Resort Management Company
May 13, 2000 His Eminence Metropolitan Maximos Aghiorgoussis, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D.)
Bishop of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Pittsburgh
  The Honorable Janet Reno, Doctor of Humanities (HH.D)
Attorney General of the United States
May 12, 2001 Sr. Helen Prejean, C.S.J., Doctor of Humane Leters (L.H.D.) 
Noted Author, Humanitarian
May 18, 2002 The Honorable Bob Wise, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Governor of West Virginia
August 28, 2002 Terrence E. Sauvain, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Staff Director of the Committee on Appropriations of the United States Senate
May 17, 2003 Cynthia Carr Rank, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Environmental Activist
  Sister Constance Dodd, S.M., Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Director, Catholic Neighborhood Center 
May 15, 2004 Mr. Michael Mulligan, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Class of 1973 and Former CEO of Mapquest.Com
  Ms. Eileen Carpino, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Librarian Emerita of Wheeling Jesuit University
  Brother Rick Curry, S.J., Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Member of the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus
Director of the National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped
May 14, 2005 Colonel Carol A. Yarnall, USAF (ret), Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Class of 1963, Chairperson, WJU Board of Directors
  Dr. John B. Yasinsky, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Class of 1961, former CEO of GenCorp
  Dr. David Haddad, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Class of 1964, Interim President of Loyola College
  Rev. Larry Dorsch, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Class of 1971, Pastor with Diocese of Wheeling Charleston
  Congressman Timothy Murphy, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Class of 1974, Congressman from Pennsylvania
  Mr. John Beilein, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Class of 1975, Head Basketball Coach, West Virginia University
April 19, 2006 Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J., Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Professor of Religion, Fordham University
May 12, 2006  The Most Reverend Michael J. Bransfield, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Bishop of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston
May 13, 2006 The Honorable Joe Manchin, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Governor of the State of West Virginia
September 18, 2007 Mrs. Erma Ora Byrd, posthumously, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Beloved wife of Senator Robert C. Byrd
May 10, 2008 The Most Rev. George Murry, S.J., Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Bishop, Diocese of Youngstown, Ohio
May 31, 2008 Ms. Sandra Wunderlich Neilson, Bachelor of Humane Letters
Distinguished Alumnus
May 16, 2009 Mrs. Suzanne Broadhurst, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Pittsburgh Corporate Leader and Philanthropist
May 15  , 2010 Fr. James Martin, S.J., Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Catholic Commentator and Author 
  Fr. Joseph Doyle, S.S.J., Doctor of Humane Letter (L.H.D.)
Class of 1960, Distinguished Alumnus, and President, St. Augustine High School
May 14, 2011 Edward J. Coyne, Sr., Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Founder, Tri-State Petroleum Corporation and Coach, Wheeling Jesuit Basketball
  Patricia Ryan Casey, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Class of 1961, Distinguished Alumnus
  David C. Wilhelm, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Founder and President, Woodland Venture Management
May 19, 2012 Fr. James O’Brien, S.J., Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Senior Wheeling Jesuit University faculty member
May 18, 2013 Michael D. Ferns, Sr., Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.)
Wheeling businessman and supporter of WJU Athletics
  Gregory J. Boyle, S.J., Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Founder and Director of Homeboy Industries and former pastor of Dolores Mission Church.
May 17, 2014 Lou Volpe ’70, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Distinguished WJU Alumnus and moderator of Guys and Girls United to Serve.
  Patti Quigley, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Executive Director of Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation, recipient of 2010 President's Citizens Medal
May 9, 2015 Margaret Mary O’Hara Helm ’84, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Distinguished alumna, member of Alumni Council, former chair of WJU Board of Trustees
May 7, 2016 Rev. Timothy P. Kesicki, S.J.
President, Jesuit Conference of United States & Canada
May 6, 2017

Patty Briguglio, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
President of PFB Connect

William Bresnahan, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Former Board of Trustee member; Managing Partner, Bresnahan Nixon & Finnegan, P.C.

Adam Monks, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Former Board of Trustee member; Retired partner at Ernst and Young

May 5, 2018

Chris Lowney, Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.)
Chair of the Board, Catholic Health Initiatives


Established in 1987, The Ignatian Medal celebrates men and women who, in a superior way, display faith in God, service to neighbor, and leadership in their community.  These were the goals of Ignatius of Loyola and his seven companions in 1534 when they gathered to form the Society of Jesus.

Date Recipient
May 16, 1987 Richard G. Herndon
Prominent Wheeling Attorney and Community Leader
October 25, 1988 Father General Peter Hans Kolvenbach, S.J.
Father General of the Society of Jesus
May 12, 1990 Harry C. Hamm
Editor, Wheeling News-Register
Member of the Wheeling Jesuit College Board of Directors
August 13, 1990 Senator Robert C. Byrd
United States Senator from West Virginia
January 29, 1991 Richard M. Morrow
Retired Chairman of the Board Amoco Corporation
January 29, 1991 John C. Marous
Retired Chairman of the Board and
Chief Executive Officer Westinghouse Electric Corporation
March 19, 1991 Mary Horstmann McShain
Philadelphia Philanthropist and Major Donor
December 10, 1992 Donald H. Hofreuter, M.D.
Chairman, Board of Directors of Wheeling Jesuit College
May 12, 1999 Dr. Henry Marockie
West Virginia Superintendent of Schools
May 20, 1999 Philip C. Kirby
Chairman, Board of Directors Wheeling Jesuit University
May 13, 2000 John B. Yasinsky, Ph.D.
Chairman and CEO, OMNOVA Solutions
May 16, 2003
Most Reverend Bernard W. Schmitt, D.D.
Bishop, Diocese of Wheeling – Charleston
May 14, 2011 Normand J. Paulhus, Ph.D.
Professor of Religious Studies, Wheeling Jesuit University
April 16, 2016 Sr. Joane Gonter, '59 VHM
Former superior, Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy


The Rev. Clifford M. Lewis, S.J. Award is the highest honor presented by the Alumni Association.  It honors extraordinary service, contribution and dedication to Wheeling Jesuit University in the spirit of Father Lewis, a true "person for others. It is presented at the Awards Dinner during Alumni Weekend.

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1971 Rev. Clifford M. Lewis, S.J. 1996 Orlando “Lanny” Sacco ‘66
1972 Carmen J. Gonot '59 1997 Thomas M. Pié ‘77
  Martha G. Buckley Shields '64   Timothy F. Cogan ‘69
1973 J. Davitt McAteer '66 1998 Paul I. Currie ‘77
  James E. Friday '61 1999 Louis A. Volpe ‘70
  Jane Straub Friday '61 2000 Rev. Thomas S. Acker, S.J.
  James D. Allen '67   Donald H. Hofreuter, M.D.
  Judythe A. Schoonmaker Allen '67   Philip C. Kirby
  Elizabeth A. Erlich '69 2001 Carolyn G. Dalzell
  Henry G. Jepson   Rev. Walter A. Buckius
1974 Rev. Edward Gannon, S.J   Rev. Joseph A. Burke
1975 John T. Wack, Ph.D. 2002 Ellis F. (Bud) Hall III
  Bernard E. Glenn '59   Eulalia Front Virostek
  Alice McNulty   William J. Barker
1976 Thomas F. Carrigan '59 2003 Rev. Joseph J. Hayden, S.J., Ed.D.
1977 G. Martin Lively '62   Vicky L. DiPiero ‘65
1978 Anthony T. Basil, Ph.D. '60 2004 Mary Ellen Voellinger Rice
  John S. Gasiorowski '64   Nancy Rice O’Leary `68
1979 Rev. Stephen J. Laut, S.J.   Thomas A. Kelleher `63
  Rev. Joseph B. Hanzely, S.J.   Judy Huang Martin  `83
  Most Reverend Joseph H. Hodges 2005 Judith Houllihan Geary ‘63
  Jeanne H. Kammer Neff '64 2006 Margaret Roscoe Cooke ‘95
  Edward W. Younkins, Ph.D., '70 2007 Dr. James Birge
1980 Jeff O. McGeary '64   Alumni Volunteers in Honor of Rev. Joseph Hacala, S.J.
1981 Rev. Charles L. Currie, S.J. 2008 Gerald DeFruscio ‘87
1982 Rev. James A. O'Brien, S.J.   Terrence M. Lewis, Esq. ‘93
1983 Sandra V. Gentile   James Regan
1984 John S. Bodkin, Jr. '69   Allen Wojcik ‘63
1985 Vincent R. Gallagher '70   Carol Adamiak Yarnall ‘63
1986 John B. Yasinsky, Ph.D. '61 2009 James P. Welsh, Jr., ‘00
1987 Paul A. Orr, Ph.D. 2010 Maria Tasz Day ’75, Tanya C. Smigocki ‘93
1988 Daniel A. Haller '61 2011 Ed Shahady, M.D. ‘60
1989 Forrest H. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. 2012 Jerry Schroer '86
1990 Eileen R. Carpino 2013 Gregory M. Merrick, M.D.
1991 Thomas F. Carrigan (posthumously) '59 2014 Richard "Dick" Riley '84
1992 Thomas G. Wack, Ph.D. 2015  James T. Smith '64
1993 Sally Hunter Allen '60 2016  Leo Flanagan '61
  Dr. Katherine L. McCready    
  Rev. Joseph P. Sanders, S.J.    
1994 Carson W. Bryan '59    
  James L. Weaver '59    
  Mary McGuire Gasiorowski '66    
1995 Sr. Joanne Gonter, V.H.M. '59    


The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented by Wheeling Jesuit University to graduates who exemplify the Jesuit ideals of extraordinary competence and personal compassion in their chosen field; ideals for which alumni of Wheeling Jesuit University have long been known.  It is usually presented during the Fall Honors Convocation.

Award Year Recipient Class Year Field
1981 George R. Blake 1967 Public Communications
  Mary Kate Wittig Davitt, MD 1965 Medicine
  John B. Yasinsky, Ph.D. 1961 Industry
1982 Charles B. Cuono, M.D., Ph.D. 1965 Medicine
  Elaine Runner Dungan, C.P.A. 1973 Public Accounting
1983 Stephen E. Haid, Ph.D. 1963 Education
  Derrick L. Latos, M.D. 1968 Medicine
  Judith Noonan O'Brien 1965 Law
1984 William E. Cornforth 1972 Education
  Dennis Whyte Keogh (posthumously) 1961 Public Service
  Sr. Marguerite O'Brien, S.S.J. 1966 Religious Life
  Louis A. Volpe 1970 Education
1985 John S. Gasiorowski 1964 Education
  Rev. Margaret B. C. Phillimore 1974 Religious Life
  Edward J. Shahady, M.D. 1960 Medicine
1986 Anthony T. Basil, Ph.D. 1960 Education
  Kenneth S. Ramsey, Ph.D. 1964 Health
  Michael A. Santer, Jr., M.D. 1961 Medicine
1987 Victoria A. Casey, Ph.D. 1976 Clinical Psychology
  Hon. James T. Smith, Jr. 1964 Law, Public Service
1988 William P. Bresnahan 1964 Law
1989 Stephen E. Hannig 1973 Business
  Sr. Joanne Gonter, V.H.M. 1959 Education, Religious Life
1990 Adam S. Monks, C.P.A. 1964 Public Accounting
1991 Andrea DiPiero Santer 1962 Education, Religious Life
1992 Rev. Robert V. Arkle 1962 Education, Religious Life
  Rev. John V. DiBacco, Jr. 1962 Chemistry, Religious Life
1993 Rev. Joseph M. Doyle, S.S.J. 1960 Education, Religious Life
  John E. McAteer 1961 Public Service
1994 Kathleen M. Hawk, Ph.D. 1972 Public Service
  Jane F. Exner, R.N. 1980 Medicine, Public Service
  John F. Noonan, Ph.D. 1963 Education
1995 J. Davitt McAteer 1966 Government, Public Service
  Cynthia L. Rank 1965 Public Service
  Daniel A. Haller 1961 Law, Public Service
1996 M. Joan McDermott, Ph.D. 1970 Criminal Justice
1997 Lawrence E. Bandi 1986 Business, Public Service
1998 Christopher J. Searl 1987 Education
1999 Don M. Benson, M.D. 1961 Medicine/Public Service
  Rosemary Vincentin Benson 1962 Artist
  Mr. Robert E. Barker 1967 Government/Public Service
2000 C.T. O’Donnell II 1974 Social Service
  Mary McKinley 1977 Nurse
2001 Col. Phillip Rusciolelli &
Mrs Barbara (Davies) Rusciolelli
1966 Public Service/Military
  Mr. Lawrence R. Meagher 1965 Health Care
  Ms. Suzanne E. Polen 1959 Social Justice
2002 John A. Glaser, Ph.D. 1966 Scientific Research
  Donald R. Mercer, Ph.D. 1960 Scientific Research
2003 L. Thomas Marchlen, Esq., CPA 1967 Leadership/Business
  Timothy W. Daly 1967 Leadership/Business
2004 *No Award Given    
2005 Patricia Weitzel-O’Neill 1969 Education
  Peter Daley &
Alexandra (Stanish) Daley
Family Life
2006 John “Rick” Berthold 1959 Education
  Michael Monahan 1982 Law
2007 Mark F. Geary, Esq. 1962 Law
  J’Ann Schoonmaker Allen 1967 Social Justice
  James Allen 1967 Social Justice
  George Young, Jr. 1972 Communications
2008 Brian E. McCagh 1968 Health Care
2009 Mark Gresham 1984 Publishing
2010 Sr. Karen Bland 1994 Religious Life
Michael V. Murphy 1970 Architecture
Marybeth Murray Emmerth 1985 Education
2011 Vera Barton-Caro 1982 Nursing
2012 Kevin Kerrane 1962 Education
Patrick "PJ" Reindell 2002 Social Service
2013 Charlie Lloyd, Ph.D. 1963 Education
Dr. John Maris 1983 Medicine
Erin McDonald 2003 Social Service
2014 Robert Ritz 1984 Health Care
2015 Timothy Williams (posthumously) 1971 Social Justice
2016 Micahel Zuscik, Ph.D.
Sr. Kathleen Durkin
Education, Religious Life


The James O'Brien, S.J. Alumni Award (Formerly GOLD Award - Graduates of The Last Decade) recognizes recent (up to 15 years) alumni who manifest a growing competence in their chosen field, and whose personal life reflects WJU's mission of "educating men and women for life, leadership, and service to others".

Award Year Recipients
2003 Don Benson, Ph.D. ‘92
  Lydia Wanless D’Anna ’91
  Neil D’Anna ‘90
2004 V. Scott Gallagher ‘92
  Terrence M. Lewis Esq. ‘93
2007 Chris Kreger ’97
  Alison Fry Kreger ‘98
2008 Theresa Bowman Phipps '01
  Joseph Saverimuttu '06
2009 Jason Culley, DDS ‘99
  Ryan Aaron, ESQ., ‘99
2010 Mary E. Bowman, Esq. ‘97
2011 Ian and Toni (Moran) Wilson ‘04
2012 Cherese (Meadows) Lee '97
2013 Tony Mazza '06
2014 Paul Klenowski '98 & '00
Kelly Caddy '02
2015 Christina Richey '04
2016 Rachel Smydo '00


Alumni Council sometimes receives names for consideration that seem to fit into a very specific category.  These are individuals who act in the Ignatian spirit of MAGIS, of doing more and giving more to others and of themselves. Thus, Alumni Council created the Alumni Magis Award, to be given, when warranted, in light of an individual’s hidden, faithful service to the University and its people.

Award Year Recipients
2003 Mary Lou Archer
  Bernie McDermott
  Robert Ramsey (Posthumously)
2007 Michael Scannapieco ’77 (Posthumously)
2008 Thomas Kelleher ‘63
2010 Thomas Burgoyne and Kathy Oliver Burgoyne ‘62
2011 Mimie O’Hara Helm ‘84
  V. Scott Gallagher ‘92
2012 Rev. James A. O'Brien
Ed Coyne


In 2009, Wheeling Jesuit University’s Alumni Council created the “Hall of Honor” to provide alumni with a voice to recognize former classmates, faculty, staff, etc., for their contributions to their profession, society and the greater WJU community. While WJU has several awards, only those celebrating a reunion determine the selection of “Hall of Honor” inductees. Recipients are announced during Alumni Weekend.

Date Recipient
2009 Sr. Joanne M. Gonter, VHM '59
2010 Rev. Joseph M. Doyle, SSJ '60, John J. Bodson '65, Louis A. Volpe '70, Rev. Joseph P. Sanders, S.J., Paul J. Mulholland '80, Cynthia Kirk Mueller, M.D. '85, Neil M. D'Anna '90, Dennis J. Maceiko (posthumously), Keith J. Bell '00, Miranda L. Hanson '05
2011 John Yasinsky '61, J. Davitt McAteer '66, Sr. Kathleen Durkin, CSJ '71, Victoria Casey '76, Michael Fortunato, M.D. '81, Stephen Marshall '86, Katherine Torpey '91, Christopher T. Kreger '96, William Mitchell '01 (posthumously), Pete Harlan '06
2012 Dr. Paul Orr (inducted by Class of '62), James Dipiero '67, James Farnan '72, Marilou Gross Doughty '77, Michael Monahan '82, Mark Zittle '87, Rev. Walter Buckius, S.J. (inducted by Class of '92), Mary Bowman '97, G. Brady Butler '02, Sara Brown '07
2013 Linda McAlarney Cunningham '63, Brain McCagh '68, Robert Hutchings '73, Jesse Corning '78, Rev. Anthony Cincinnati '83, Joseph Laker, Ph.D. (inducted by Class of '88), Roseanna Dakan Keller '93, Peter Ehni, Ph.D. (inducted by the Class of '98), Remey Munasifi '03, Adrienne Greene Tharp '08
2014 William Coleman '59, Capt. J. James Lauer '64, Eugene Julian '64, John (Jack) Bodkin '69, Peter Flynn '74, Bridget Link Lambert '79, Margaret "Mimie" O'Hara Helm '84, Christopher Frech '89, Deborah Trunnell Wilkinson '94, Tanta Hunt Handley '99, Andrew Fenton '04, Daniel Swan '09
2015 John Mensore & Don Mercer '60, Cynthia Carr Rank '65, Rev. Ronald Anton, S.J. '70, Rev. James O'Brien, S.J. (inducted by the Class of '75), John Lewis, II '80, Marie Carney Clatterbuck '85, Kristin York Fijewski '90, Dr. Joseph Donzella '95, Kevin Werner, Jr. '00, Steven Ellis '05, Blake Williams '10
2016 Dennis Keogh '61 (posthumously), Thomas Regan '66 (posthumously), William Day '71, Fred Salancy '76, Linda Correll '81, Anthony Eisel '86, Carolyn Dalzell (posthumously), Timothy Fenton '96, Leslie Kohlmyer '01, Rev. Thomas Gallagher '06, Samantha McGlumphy '11


The Swint and Woomer medals, reflecting both academic achievement and service to the University, are awarded to a graduating senior at Commencement.

Joseph D. Graziano '59 Mary J. Sponseller '59
Leonard P. Riser '60 Sandra A. Piper '60
Michael A. Santer, Jr. '61 Jane W. Straub '61
Juliette A. Ghaphery '62 Betty J. Barnes '62
Donald M. Powers, Jr. '63 Betty J. Rhoden '63
David C. Haddad '64 C. Jean Henry '64
Cynthia L. Carr '65 Judith A. Reisert '65
Henry E. Kieffer '66 Mary J. Mulvey '66
Richard D. Gandour '67 Judythe A. Schoonmaker '67
Derrick L. Latos '68 Peggy A. O'Connor '68
William J. Gallagher '69 Susan J. Bierhanzel '69
Richard P. Pizzuto '69    
Peter M. Abdella '70 Cynthia L. Marchlenski '70
Mary J. Pramik '70    
Richard C. Rose '71 Jean R. Dierkes '71
William P. McPadden '72 Eileen C. Erdman '72
Dennis F. Fallon '73 Alfreda H. Antonucci '73
Richard W. Shoda '73    
William O'Neill McCormick '74 Marilyn J. Schuster '74
Harry J. Adams '75 Maureen A. Hogan '75
Thomas G. Fitzgerald '76 Victoria A. Casey '76
Rodney E. Gaddy '77 Maureen T. McCormick '77
Daniel A. Casey '78 Joan Doverspike '78
M. Roberta Metz '78    
Michael B. Rudinoff '79 Maria C. Chiodi '79
Joseph G. Hurley '80 Nancy C. Galligan '80
Joseph A. Wakim, Jr. '81 Maureen A. Lafferty '81
Bernard E. Dorsey '82 Catherine M. Polak '82
Terence A. McCormick '83 Catherine M. Zizzi '83
Mark F. Gresham '84 Carol A. Schubert '84
Michael J. Schreyer '85 Cynthia J. Kirk '85
Sandra F. Marstiller '85    
Timothy D. Foy '86 Patricia A. Marner '86
Craig F. Fugaro '87 Ann C. McFadden '87
A. Clyde Joseph '88 Eileen M. Foy '88
Michael P. Connor '89 M. Collette Einloth '89
Keith J. Kearney '90 Erin M. Duffy '90
Larry C. Messina '91 Linda J. Metheny '91
Sean A. Frontz '92 Mary B. Viglietta '92
Jason T. Griffith '93 Ximena Chrisagis '93
Marc A. Frankenberry '94 Kathleen M. Mansuetto '94
Jason S. Lynch '95 Briony J. Culley '95
Ryan A. Ryder ‘96 Dani L. Hayes ‘96
Melikaya Ntshingwa ‘97 Mary E. Bowman ‘97
Michael J. Heinecke ‘98 Julie M. Sebeck ‘98
Sekoy Ade Mark ‘99 Colleen F. Carrigan ‘99
Stephen F. Criniti ‘00 Stephanie C. Petterson ‘00
Samuel J. Zinn ‘01 C. Michelle Providenti ‘01
Shannon A. Barker ‘02 Melissa A. DiPietro ‘02
Jerrod J. Murtha ‘03 Rebecca J. McCumbers ‘03
Michael C. Patrick ‘04 Antoinette L. Moran ‘04
Thomas B. Sears ‘05 Lauren M. Deschamps ‘05
Joseph J. Saverimuttu ’06 Bethany L. Beppler ‘06
Andrew R. Nelson ’07 Megan J. Burd ‘07
Justin P. Schmitt ’08 Amanda M. Lyons ‘08
Daniel C. Swan ’09 Valerie A. Grimes ‘09
Ali J. Hajiran ’10 Shelby R. Sleevi ‘10
Trent J. Krupica ’11 Melissa M. Burch ‘11
Sean Weaver '12 Anne DeFruscio '12
Christopher Bohinski '13 Jennifer Elias '13
John J. Pennacchio,III '14 Kathleen Riordan '14
Patrick J. Washington '15 Emily D. Robinson '15
Sarah Sleevi '16
Seth Yost '17 Kayce Krucki '17
Micah Tatebe '18 Kailee Latocha '18


The Katherine Fouts Service Award represents exceptional service to the University and significant contribution to the quality of campus life without reference to academic achievement.

1979 Anne E. Exner
1980 Andrea M. Helinski
1981 Helen C. Dorsey
1982 Constance F. Procoffie
1983 Catherine M. Zizzi
1984 Margaret M. O'Hara
1985 Courtney M. Cosgrove
1986 Clare L. Kelly
1987 Brian P. Murphy
1988 Lori K. Tinley
1989 Lea Ann Schell
1990 Diane M. Eble
1991 Michael P. Moran
1992 Sean A. Frontz
1993 Antonio Baratta
1994 Kathleen M. Mansuetto
1995 Natasha M. Ferguson
1996 Leonardo Moreda
1997 Mary E. Bowman
1998 Michael J. Heinecke
1999 Colleen F. Carrigan
2000 R. Chad Duffield
2001 C. Michelle Providenti
2002 Breyan M. Tornifolio
2003 Rebecca McCumbers
2004 Antoinette Moran
2005 Nicole D. Johnson
2006 Joseph J. Saverimuttu
2007 Sara L. Brown
2008 Adrienne D. Greene
2009 Hugh P. Mulvey III
2010 Timothy J. Yelenic
2011 Trent J. Krupica
2012 Nicholas Garbark
2013 Jennifer Elias
2014 Andrew Smith
2015 Sarah Edwards
2016 Erin Marcum
2017 Morgan Stohlman
2018 Micah Tatebe


This award is given at commencement each year to the graduating senior in a science field (biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, psychology, clinical sciences, computer science) who most embodies the concept of "individual excellence for public usefulness." Endowed by Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Holloway Jr., the award honors the third president of Wheeling Jesuit University, a distinguished nuclear physicist and civic leader.

Year Awarded Recipient Major Hometown
1988 Dennis Nitkowski Biology Baltimore, Maryland
1989 M. Collette Einloth Physics Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1990 Erin M. Duffy Chemistry Wheeling, West Virginia
1991 Margaret A. Minch Biology Valley Grove, West Virginia
1992 Chester M. Slonaker Biology North Canton, Ohio
1993 Nan Eileen Armstrong Psychology Bellaire, Ohio
1994 Jennifer S. Fahey Psychology Wheeling, West Virginia
1995 Paulette A. King Biology Erie, Pennsylvania
1996 Shawn C. Dancik Math & Physics Butler, Pennsylvania
1997 Karie A. Berbach Biology Bridgeville, Pennsylvania
1998 Erika M. Harris Biology S. Charleston, West Virginia
  Monica S. Wood Psychology Cameron, West Virginia
1999 Regina M. Shia  Psychology Glen Dale, West Virginia
2000 J. Christopher Mercer Biology Flushing, Ohio
2001 Thomas P. Krupica, Jr. Chemistry Moundsville, West Virginia
2002 Michael D. Hoops Chemistry Moundsville, West Virginia
2003 Emilie M. Schierloh Chemistry Lima, Ohio
2004 Shannon A. Barker Physical Therapy Danville, West Virginia
  Philip R. Zoladz Psychology Belmont, Ohio
2005 Miranda L. Hanson Biology St. Clairsville,Ohio
  Rebecca L. Reindel Biology Cleveland, Ohio
2006 Ashley A. Arango Biology Weirton, West Virginia
  Troy M. Krupica  Nuclear Medicine Tech.  Moundsville, West Virginia
2007 Philip A. Hartman Biology Wheeling, West Virginia
2008 Stephanie N. Geer Biology Apollo, Pennsylvania
2009 Kasey L. Jividen Biology Winfield, West Virginia
2010 Ali J. Hajiran Biology Wheeling, West Virginia
2011 Laura R. Hydeman Biology Murrysville, Pennsylvania
2012 Andrea Fitzgibbon Marion, Ohio
2013 Cassandra Crihfield Metz, West Virginia
2014 John Pennacchio, III Biology Weirton, West Virginia
2015 Emily D. Robinson Psychology Circleville, Ohio
2016 Gyen Hyung Lee Biology Bridgeport, Ohio
2017 Maire Austin Environmental and Sustainability Hilliard, Ohio
2018 Stephen P. Hansknecht Chemistry Livonia, MI


The St. Francis Xavier Award is presented by Student Government to a community leader who has given service to the University and the community.

1994 Jay Adams, Class of 1975
1995 Anna Marie Fouts
1996 Sr. Daniel Singer
  Sr. Laurentia Gettings
1997 Patricia L. Kota
1998 Susan Hogan
1999 Sr. Loretta Fahey
2000 Pastor Darrell Cummings
2001 H. Wayne Dickison, M.S.Ed
2002 Mary Collins
  William Collins
2003 Rev. James M. Ellison
2004 Louis A. Volpe
2005 Dr. E. Lee Jones
2006 Mr. Davitt McAteer
2007 H. Lawrence Jones, Ph.D.
2008 Mr. Joshua Elek
2009 Sr. Kathleen Durkin, CSJ
2010 Carolyn Dalzell
2011 Tom and Kathy Burgoyne
2016 H. Lawrence Jones, Ed.D.