Rev. Edward Gannon, S.J. Teaching Award 2017-18

This is awarded is to formally recognize professors of WJU who have distinguished themselves as outstanding teachers and scholars, and exemplified the Jesuit tradition of service to the University and wider community.

Academic Year Recipient Title
2002-03 Irene S. Burgess, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English
2003-04 Joseph A. Laker, Ph.D. Professor of History
2004-05 Norman V. Duffy, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry
2005-06 Bryan C. Raudenbush, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology
2006-07 Debra B. Hull, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology
2007-08 Kenneth E. Rastall, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology
2008-09 Mary E. Railing, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry
2011-12 Dr. Jeffrey Rutherford Assistant Professor of History
2012-13 John G. Poffenbarger Director of International Studies, Assistant Professor of Political Science
2013-14 Leslie Liedel, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History
2014-15 Daniel Weimer, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History
2015-16 Andrew Staron, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Theology
2016-17 Amy Criniti Phillips, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English

No award was presented in 2009-10 & 2010-11.